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Search process

A systematic search process delivers professional results

A systematic search process delivers professional results

In order to find the best candidate, we maintain a sophisticated and consistently employed methodology. Depending on the mandate and the specific requirements the search strategy will be adapted to suit the company in question. Each step of the search process is managed by GutierrezPartners AG and during the entire search we offer intensive coaching to the client and the potential candidate in order to secure a long-term and sustainable success.


We start by meeting with our client to thoroughly discuss and assess his needs. We then produce a detailed profile of requirements.

  • What is the position that is to be filled?
  • What are the company's objectives? How is the company positioned in the market?
  • What are the demands on the future manager?


The aim of this research is to identify qualified candidates and obtain key data from them in an initial conversation. Using our proprietary database and personal contacts we speak to sources familiar with those companies and industries to seek informal views and opinions on individuals we believe may be relevant and qualified. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we meet in person for further evaluation.


Following the systematic research, the results of this research are analysed. GutierrezParnters AG compiles a so-called ‘long list’. Then the client is presented a selection of potential suitable candidates. Together we select the most promising profiles in order to conduct an in-depth analysis during the search. A face-to-face conversation enables us to select a candidate even more accurately.

Evaluation and Candidate Presentation

Candidates who meet the criteria best are examined regarding the defined requirement criteria of expertise and personality in structured personal conversations. They are informed about the details of the vacant position. We then compile confidential reports on the best-qualified candidates and prepare personal talks with the most promising candidates.

Internal Selection

After a series of interviews and consideration of external references, the client will select their preferred candidate. In the further selection process, we actively assume the role of a coach. We enable an active exchange of information between all parties involved. We will also gladly coordinate the interviews or meetings between the client's representatives and the prospective candidates, obtain references or consult experts to clarify specific issues.

GutierrezPartners AG will act as a mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met.